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Basic Info

Model No.: JH-5010D

Portable: Non Portable

Form: Other

Application: Security Check, Other

Type: Other

Certification: CE, Other

Customized: Non-Customized

Alarm Form: Display Alarm

Power: 1000W

Additional Info

Packaging: paper carton

Productivity: 100pcs/month

Brand: Anhushen

Transportation: Ocean,Land,Air

Place of Origin: China

Supply Ability: 100pcs/month

Certificate: FCC,CE

Port: Shenzhen

Product Description

X-Ray Body Scanner with Single Walking Channel

   JH-5010D x-ray screening machine is a x-ray body scanner with single walking channel. The continuous x-ray screening system is characterized with easy operation and installation. It`s a full body x-ray system scanner  with high spatial resolution, high detectioneffiency and self-protection guard. If you have a the airport security check x-ray body scanner, you can ensuresecurity of crowds of people.


JH-5010Continuous Human Body X-Ray Screening System is a latest generation securityinspection product. Its key technical indicators have reached the internationaladvanced level. It applied a number of national patent and passed ISO28001-2001health and safety management system certification, quality management systemcertification, environmental management system certification. Tests of ChinaMinistry of Public Security Technology Center, National Centers for DiseaseControl prove that JH-5010`s technical indicators are significantly higher thanthe industry standard.


JH-5010 is widely used for continuous human bodyinspection in customs, frontier check pints, airport, subway, miningenterprises, army, military factories, convention hall, etc. It is the mostideal equipment for inspection against theft, drug trafficking, smuggler, andterrorism.


This equipment is characterized with easy operation &installation. It has superb and stable performance; it can be upgraded andeasily managed. It can be also installed in vehicles as a mobile system. Thisequipment can be customized according to client`s requirements.



Spatial Resolution:distinguished resolution is less than 1mm


Line Resolution:40AWG, i.e.: able to distinguish the single solid core copper wires of diameterof 0.0787mm


Single Measurement Time:less than 3 seconds, it is currently the world’s fastest detection speed (muchbetter than the Chinese industry standard 15 seconds)


Single Test Dose:less than 0.05μSv,the single test dose is currently the lowest in the world, the equivalent thedoses of flying half a minute (better than the EU and US standards)


Non-closedmicro-dose transmission human safety x-ray radiation protection testing equipment:leaks dose is less than 0.69μSv/hoursanywhere outside the protective boundary.


Detection height: 180cm


Detection Efficiency:  Continuous circular movement system (patentnumber ZL201120536891.4) is applied for JH-5010 x-ray human safety screeningsystem. Continuous detection is available. Detection efficiency is up to 1200passengers per hour.


Self-protection Guard:  JH-5010 x-ray human safety screening systemis designed with unique triple radiation protection devices, leak dose onlyone-fourth of industry security standards, protecting operator`s’ health andsafety better.


Product advantages

JH-5010Continuous Human Body X-Ray Screening System applies the most advancedtechnology in the world, It not only to detect non-metallic objects carried bythe inspected person, but also to detect hidden drugs, bombs, and other foreignobjects in the body. It can not only display images, after grade, it can alsocount the number of detected objects, identify objects efficiently andaccurately


Explosives,poisons, detonators, cigarette lighters, ink, jewelry, diamonds carried byhuman body can be completed revealed


Surfacemetals, non-metallic objects, paper money, liquid, powder and other similarobjects carried by Human body can be effective detected.


Singledetection time is less than 3 seconds; the non-stop security inspection can beachieved. It is fast and efficient enough to ensure a smooth passenger`s flow


Testdoses close to the natural standard, no harm to human body


Respectfor personal privacy: not reveal the surface features of human body


Spacesaving, light weight, mobile flexible.



Installation Data

Weight:approximately 600 kg

Overalldimension: 2100 (L) X1700 (W) X2500 (H) mm

Channeldimensions: 1500 (L) X520 (W) X200 (H) mm



Walkthrough station: 280cm*100cm*130cm: 280KG

Detectionsystem: 190cm*70cm*170cm: 320KG

(optional)Baggage Conveyor system: 280cm*70cm*90cm G.W.: 250KG


Storagetemperature/humidity: -40 ℃to60 ℃﹢/10%~90% (nocondensation of moisture)

Workingtemperature/temperature: -5 ℃to 40 ℃/10%~90% (nocondensation of moisture)

Powersupply: 220VAC (+10%~-15%), 50HZ/60HZ


X-Ray Human Full Body Scanner

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