AHS-806 Hand Held Super Scanner Metal Detector with lithium battery

Handheld Metal Detector with lithium battery

Model AHS-806

AHS-806 is a low voltage Lithium Battery Handheld Metal Detector with USB direct discharge which is developed independently and manufactured by company in 2018.




1. high sensitivity;

2.easy to use and convenient, reducing sensitivity with one key;

3.the design of the round handle, beautiful and generous appearance, high sensitivity.

4. sturdy and durable, no damage when it falls normally.

5. light weight with only 200g, large detection area and the quick detection speed.

6. two alarm modes can be switched: LED lights and sound alarm or vibration alarm.

7. the sensitivity can be adjusted externally, and easy operation to adapt to more different occasions.

8. light indication of under voltage (the standby light will be slowly reduced to extinguish according to the long brightness when used).

9. The automatic switch off function of the extreme voltage (when the mainframe’s power is seriously reduced, it will turn off automatically, and the short circuit of the machine will turn off automatically).

10. the charging indicator function (red light when charging, blue light after charged)

11. It can use portable battery to charge the machine when you use it.


Detection range

1. pins 30mm;

2. 64 type pistol 120mm;

3. six inch dagger 120mm;

4. diameter 20mm steel ball 60mm;

5. one dollar coin 70mm;





Technical parameters

1. demension: long 320mm x 70mm x 40mm

2. power: 5V USB charger charger. Notice: 9V battery can not be charged when power supply

3. Frequency: about 30KHz

4. The standby power: 10 milliwatts, standby time is up to 250-300 hours, working time: 120-150 hours

5. sound alarm mode current: 40 mA   vibration alarm mode current:80 mA

6.voltage: 3.7V polymer lithium battery (can be customized to 9V (6F22) battery version)

7.net weight: 200G (including a built-in lithium battery)

8. Working temperature: -15 C to +55 C

9.packing list: one detector, one piece of manual, one USB charging line, one piece certification and warranty card

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