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Basic Info

Model No.: KTY

Condition: New

Portable: Portable

Application: research, military, industrial

Certification: CE, ISO

Customized: Non-Customized

Alarm Form: Display Alarm

Search Coil: 18 Inches

Additional Info

Packaging: paper carton

Productivity: 1000 pcs/month

Brand: Anhushen

Transportation: Ocean,Land,Air

Place of Origin: China

Supply Ability: 1000 pcs/month

Certificate: ISO ,CE

Port: Shenzhen

Product Description

Good Underground Gold Detector For Spacious Area

   The KTY underground metal detector is a underground gold detector for spacious area. The KTY underground metal detector is developed for the search after large, deeply embedded metal objects and isespecially suitable for professional seekers who want to search in wide-rangingareas.

Spacious search areas:

Only the 1×1 m search frame (pulse inductiontechnology) enables a comfortable and fast exploration of large areas. Example:the scanning of an area with the size of a soccer field will only take 3-4hours, while the search with a conventional device with a panning coil wouldtake several weeks.

The KTY deep search metal detector was also developed for the searchafter large, deeply embedded metal objects and is especially suitable forprofessional seekers who want to search in wide-ranging areas in a speedy andefficient manner (small parts, e.g. rusty nails or bottle caps will not beshown).

Up to 8 m depth performance:

With pulse induction technology and bigsearch coil (2×2 m cable coil) it is possible to locate larger objects in adepth of up to 8 m. In comparison, conventional detectors with small coils onlyallow a search depth of at the most 2 m.

Exploration without disturbance:

Most of the mineralized soils contain stoneswith metallic characteristics which therefore are displayed as metal objects bythe majority of detectors. Thus, a selective search is difficult.

These soils (the same goes for salt water)are no problem for KTY- with the Reset-button (automatic zero balance) most ofthe disturbing mineralized objects (which can lead to errors) will be neutralized.

Metal discrimination

For metal discrimination the KTY is providedwith a micro-processor, controlled conductibility recording. Thereby metalslike iron, copper, aluminum, gold or silver are discriminated and separatelydisplayed.

Electronic unit

The electronic unitis installed in a high quality case. In the front you willfind the main knob, the reset button as well asthe frequency and volume regulation. The digital displayshows the different Sensitivity values.

Search modes:

ID (Discrimination Mode)
In this search mode the discriminator comes into operation. Thereby an opticaland acoustical discrimination takes place. The different metals will besignaled through varying tones and conductivity values.

Examples of differential conductivityvalues:

light metals (e.g. aluminum)






gold, silver, platinum

100 and over


AM (All Metals Mode)

All metals will be visualized withoutdiscrimination (here the metals will not be examined for their conductivity).
This position has the advantage, that you can detect with the highestsensibility; through the indication value one can evaluate the depth of theobject. The lower the value number, the deeper the metal object is hidden underthe surface. The shape of the object can be identified as well.


For the KTY we offer different waterproofsearch coils, which can be connected to the electronic unit without additionaladjustment.

Automatic adjustment: To reach the optimalsearch depth, the adequate search coil should match the size of the object. KTYworks with a variable search frequency between 1200-1600 Hz, therefore theapplication of all search coils is uncomplicated. The various search coils forthe KTY are connected to the electronic unit in which a special circuitmechanism controls the coil electricity and adjusts the adequate searchfrequency automatically.
By using the appropriate search coils (25 cm or 45 cm) smaller and medium-sizedobjects can be located. To reach an ideal search result – depending on the sizeof the object – the adequate search coil should be selected.

10″(25 cm) search coil

Standard coil of KTY is primarily suitablefor the search after small metal objects.

18″(45 cm) search coil

Useful for the search after small,medium-sized and large metal objects. Also very convenient for a quick searchof an area.


Cylindrical coil

Through its dimensions of 5 x 20cm thiscylindrical coil is appropriate for the search in wells, narrow excavations andunderwater. At the same time it is very helpful to find micro-objects.

1 x 1 m Search frame
3.28 x 3.28 ft

Preferably used for the depth sounding aftermedium-sized and large metal objects. Large areas are scanned fast andefficient.

Fast battery charger

The NiMH-accu is charged within 90 minutesfrom power outlet or car (cigarette lighter) and guarantees an operating timeof 5-8 hours.

Additional accessory

§ 2 x 2 m (6.56 x 6.56 ft) cable search coil (without frame)

§ Lithium-Ion-accu with double power capacity (installed in electronic unit)

§ Electronic unit with integrated accumulator battery, leather bag equippedwith shoulder straps

§ 25 cm (10″) and 45 cm (18″) search coil and 2-part carbontelescope pole

§ Cylindrical coil, 5 cm (2″) Ø

§ 1 x 1 m (3.28 x 3.28 ft) search frame, 8-fold demountable incl. backpack

§ microprocessor-controlled fast battery controller

§ facile headphones

§ case

Underground Gold Detector For Spacious Area

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